Make Money From The Best CPA Company

CPA stands for “Cost Per Action”, and in comparison to standard affiliate marketing, with CPA offers, you can actually make money without having to generate a sale. This is the most attractive aspect of CPA, because even new marketers can quickly generate a steady income with laser targeted campaigns that are focused on motivating visitors into completing the required action – even if it’s as simple as submitting a telephone number or completing a short survey. CPA opportunities come in many different formats.

Here we shall be looking at a company called Bestchange. BestChange is a specialized online e-currency exchange service that monitors rates for dozens of popular conversion pairs in near real-time and offers one-click access to lists of reliable e-currency exchangers capable of helping you complete your transaction quickly and efficiently.Bestchange gives you the opportunity to earn income by bringing prospects and affiliates to their site.

You earn income by sending genuine people to their sites.You earn income simply by sending people to view their site,even without signing up,and only genuine traffic is accepted.Hence,traffic from paid to click,paid to read,paid to surf sites are not rewarded.You can send traffic to their site via social media,except facebook.

How then can you send real traffic to your affiliate link easily?There are a number of ways to send acceptable traffic like sending via email to your friends and subscribers (safelists are not accepted),using twitter,LinkedIn,google+,whatsapp.Also, by sending people to your blog via facebook,as direct facebook traffic to your link is not rewarded.Make sure that you explain to your prospects exactly what is required of them when they get to the site.When you visit the site click on AFFILIATE PROGRAM, follow the instructions and sign up.

To sign up CLICK HERE

The reasons why I consider this company the best are:

  • the minimum payout is $1;
  • you earn for every real traffic you send to the site,even without a sign up
  • you earn additional money when your prospects return to the site after 7 days,14 days,30 days,60 days,90 days,120 days.
  • you get paid via multiple means,including bitcoin,perfect money,Okpay,paypal.
  • when you get someone registered as a partner, you earn 15% of their income in the system;
  • when your registered partner engages another partner, you earn 5% of the latter’s income in the system.
  • if the user engaged by you uses the exchanger monitoring service, you get additional money.

To start making money from today CLICK HERE

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