Become Wealthy And Never Go Hungry For Life

Have you been struggling every day to find a way to finally be successful?As for me, what I used to do  is to open emails everyday from hundreds of people, trying to sift through and figure out what is real and what is fake.To be honest with you – most of the programs are just flat out fake.If you are anything like me, then you would probably
appreciate finally having something that works.
Now imagine if every time you eat, you get paid – isn’t this interesting?The good news is, it is true! It is the new revolution.Now you can turn your daily foodstuffs need into an extra income source.
Permit me to introduce you to an amazing company that is set to revolutionize Africa and the rest of the world. EatRich NG is a food retail store that sells wide varieties of Nigerian foodstuffs,both cooked and uncooked. EatRich has however, decided to operate on a whole new amazing level, that goes beyond the usual buying and selling that every other retail store does.You can get discounts on your purchases, and as well get free delivery to your location when you register with Eatrich as a brand ambassador.
When you become a brand Ambassador to EatRich NG,you earn royalties for life.The benefits of becoming an ambassador is that you get to buy foodstuffs at cheaper rates; you get paid whenever you refer someone to become an ambassador; you earn whenever you or any member of your downline purchase food items.You also earn when you refer a customer to Eatrich.Do you know how many millions of naira that you could be earning per month from your downlines’ purchases?
There are currently 4 levels of Ambassadorship  that you can choose from. You can choose to become a Local Brand Ambassador, State Brand Ambassador, Regional Brand Ambassador or National Brand Ambassador.Once you become a Brand Ambassador, you will have access to buy all Nigerian foods at the cheaper rates.As already stated above, there are four different levels of ambassadorship, and you can  choose to embrace any of these stages.To become a Local Ambassador, you need a token subscription Fee of N5000.
To get started,head over to the site at and register with the INVITE ID
 ERNG230. Save your password somewhere safe,and log into your dashboard to update your profile.Make sure to update your bank details.Then activate your brand ambassadorship by paying for the plan you want within 48 hours.Do not register if you are not ready to activate your account yet.
Here is the truth, each time you do your foodstuff shoppings, you are putting Millions in someone’s pocket. And each time to refer your friends to Shoprite, Spar, Ebanno, Justrite and the likes, you get absolutely NOTHING. NOT EVEN A THANK YOU SMS.So how about I show  you how to turn foodstuffs shopping into Millions of naira? Whether you like it or not, I can bet that you will shop for foodstuffs and beverages in the next few days.Rather than just allow them tear your receipt at your exit point, why not let us show you how you can receive bank alerts twice monthly (every 1st and 15th day)?For each of your 5 friends you invite to become brand Ambassadors, EatRich NG rewards you with a 40% royalty on their brand Ambassadorship fee. So for the 5 Local Ambassadors, you get a cash royalty of N10,000. 40% of N5000 is N2000. So 2000 X 5 = 10,000.Guess what? That’s not all,  when your friends (your 5 brand Ambassadors do the same thing by inviting their own 5 friends each to become Brand Ambassadors just like them, EatRich NG rewards you with additional 40% of each of this Ambassadors subscription fee. So on the 25 friends your 5 invited, you are rewarded with a total royalty of N50,000. (2000 X 25 = 50,000).So in total as a Local Brand Ambassador, you get a royalty reward of N60,000. EAT RICH NG offers you 30% of the N60,000 in food products (any Nigerian food products of your choice) and 70% in cash.So with N20,000 out of your N60,000 you will be upgraded to the State Ambassadorship level.When you complete the Local Ambassadorship level, you earn a total registration royalty bonus of N60,000. When you complete the State Ambassadorship level, you earn a total registration royalty bonus of N240,000. When you complete the Regional Ambassadorship level, you earn a total registration royalty bonus of N600,000. And when you complete the National Ambassadorship level, you earn a total registration royalty bonus of N2,400,000.The royalties that can be earned from the purchases made by you,your downlines,and customers are not included in the above calculated earnings.You can earn millions every month regardless of your ambassadorship level.However,it should be noted that the higher your ambassadorship level,the greater the discounts you get when purchasing products.
EatRich NG’s vision is to completely eradicate hunger in Africa. To ensure no one goes to bed hungry ever again.Now, here is the most juicy part of these royalty bonuses. YOU ARE NOT UNDER ANY MONTHLY OBLIGATION OR TARGET. YOU ALSO DON’T HAVE TO COMPLETE THE ENTREPRENEURSHIP CIRCLE BEFORE YOU EARN. YOU PRACTICALLY *EARN AS-YOU-GO*
Click on the link below to register,but you have to register only when you are ready to upgrade,because payment must be made within 48 hours,or your account gets deleted.Note that registering at the site without upgrading  will enable you browse the food store,but you can only see the retail prices.Wholesale prices are for paid members only,and you can get the wholesale price by contacting admin when you want to make purchase.Note that you can start with any stage you want.Hence,you can start as a State Ambassador or Regional Ambassador or National Ambassador if you want.
The site’s link is
Go to the site,scroll down to the Join Now button and click.Where you have INVITE ID type in ERNG230. Make sure you write down your password somewhere to remember it,because there is no provision for password recovery.Your password is expected to contain at least one capital letter,small letter and number.After registering,log into your dashboard,click on profile and update your bank details.Next is to make payment to the company’s account and contact admin via call or whatsapp for your account activation.

Now it’s time to turn all your unavoidable daily expenses on foodstuffs and provisions to an extra source of income.

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