Turn A One-time N3,500 Into Millions

How would you like to turn a one time 3,500 naira into millions? How about getting award of a new villa,brand new cars,laptops,phones,standing fan,generator,TV with decoder,int’l trip and more….? The reason why you have to join this company via our link is that we have spillover downlines that would be placed in your matrix. Downlines placement is on a first come,first served basis,and so while you are busy delaying,others will be ahead of you in making money.Note that this is not peer to peer donation,where you are asked to wait for 30 days before you get paid,and in most cases you never get paid.Here your earnings start accumulating as soon as downlines are placed under you,and your earnings can be withdrawn directly to your bank account.The link to the site is  http://myblissonline.org

This company is registered in Nigeria,with offices located in Uyo and Lagos.The registration fee for one account is 3,500 naira only,and registration of multiple accounts is allowed.Members are advised to register a minimum of three accounts,in order to progress faster through the matrix.However,you can always register the number of accounts that you can afford.The registration into the matrix is on a first come,first serverd basis.

MyBlissOnline Compensation Plan

This consists of 2*2 matrix from the beginning to the last stage .Requires a total of 6 people to complete your matrix.
There are 8 total steps in all.

• Feeder Stage/Kick-Off Bridge: You earn $2(400) per referral. If you personally refer 6 people you earn $12(N2,400).When you complete this matrix you get a matrix bonus of $2(400).Therefore, maximum payout for this is N2,800.

• Stage 1/Bridge 1: You earn N3,000 when all your 6 follow you into this matrix, plus a matrix bonus of $5(N1,000).Awards include Bliss bonus cash of $30(N6,000).Therefore, total payout for completing this stage is N10,000.

• Stage 2/Bridge 2: Earn $30(N6,000) from your six downlines, plus a matrix bonus of $10(2,000).Awards include Bliss bonus cash of $100(20,000),and Android phone worth $100(N20,000).

• Stage 3/Bridge 3: Earn $45(9,000) from your 6, plus matrix bonus of $15(N3,000).Awards include Tablet or Laptop worth $350(N70,000),and Bliss bonus cash of N70,000.

• Stage 4/Early Bliss: Earn $60(N12,000) from your 6,plus a matrix bonus of $20(4,000).Awards include Bliss bonus cash of $500(100,000),Bliss skill empowerment pack of $1,500(300,000),and 40’ TV with Explorer decoder worth $675(N135,000)

• Stage 5/Bliss: Earn $150(N30,000) from your 6,plus matrix bonus of $50(10,000).Awards include Bliss bonus cash of $1000(N200,000),and Bliss car fund worth $15,000(N3,000,000).

• Stage 6/Mega Bliss: Earn $750(N150,00) from your 6,plus matrix bonus of $250(N50,000).Awards include travel pack of $10,000(2,000,000),and status car worth $35,000(N7,000,000).

• Stage 7/Super Bliss: Award of $10,000(2,000,000), and a land with Service Quarters (BQ).


There are two ways to get registered.

  1. You can pay directly to sponsor’s bank account for registration e-pins.To register pay at least 3,500 naira into the following account: GTBank account number is 0118774139,and account name is Scholastica Nkume. After  payment send a message to 08039590387,or email nkumescholastica@gmail.com with the following info: name used for the payment,amount paid,username you want to get registered with,phone number,email.
  2. You can  contact the company’s customer care  on the phone numbers provided at the site and get the company’s bank details for payment.You will be requested to provide a username for the payment,and the username that you are to provide is Adkume.This means that once the company credits the account of  your sponsor(Adkume) with the e-pins for your registration, you will then get registered.Make sure to contact the customer care after payment,as you will be required to upload proof of payment.After registering your first account you can go ahead to register more accounts under you by yourself.

For more info or enquiries you can reach me on +2348039590387.



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