You Are Just $12.50 Away From Earning Unlimited Income

JustCare Foundation is an internatoinal organization that empowers people worldwide.With a membership fee of $12.50 you are eligible to earn UNLIMITED income for life.

When you become our partner by joining with a onetime membership fee of $12.50(N2,500) you become our partner for life and you will have the privilege of enjoying the following:
Legal protection
Interest-free loans
Humanitarian services
Free medical care
Property support
Scholarship award
Financial freedom
Free Laptop & iPad
Brand new Car & Jeep
Fully paid International Travels & More…

As you join as our partner you are required to introduce at least two persons, and these two persons will have to do the same to enjoy all the benefits stated above plus others in our compensation plans.For info on how to register send me a message to with the subject ‘Inquiry about Justcare Foundation’.

Check the Compensation Plan at


2 thoughts on “You Are Just $12.50 Away From Earning Unlimited Income

    1. It is a matter of determination,unless you would want to join our team of 8 accounts or 15 accounts.That is,if you have difficulty in getting referrals,then let your money work for you.To register 8 accounts costs $100 or 20,000 NGN ,while 15 accounts costs $187.5 or 37,500 NGN.


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